Welcome to the Learning Commons!

Welcome back!
Some big changes happened in the library over the break!
Cary Fifer, Class of 2015, uses a new iMac

The Champlin Foundations has awarded the McKillop Library a second grant, in the amount of $69,550, for the expansion of the Learning Commons into the east wing of the main floor of the library.  To help users fully utilize library resources, additions include a remodeled public information desk for on-demand research assistance and a private, glassed-in space for longer, one-on-one research consultations with a librarian (installation will be completed in early February). 
Two “pods” of computers have been created around two of the columns in that area.  Six freestanding collaborative technology tables were purchased; each of these tables will have seating space for up to eight users.  These new tables have built-in power and data jacks to support laptop use.  In addition, the grant funded the purchase of 48 computer task chairs and 12 new lounge chairs.
The library received its first Champlin grant in November  2008 to begin the conversion of first floor space into a collaborative Learning Commons.  This first grant funded the purchase of new furnishings and technology for the library’s west wing, as well as the renovation of the library’s classroom into a multipurpose learning space.
Read more about the renovations on Salve Today.

Caroline Norton and Caroline Gildea, Class of 2012

In addition, an iMac computer has been installed in each of the following study rooms: 317, 306 and 204.  Microphones have been ordered and will be attached to the iMac computers to allow students to easily record audio-voiceovers to use with programs such as iMovie.  A microphone will also be available for check-out at the Circulation desk for students to use with their own laptops.

We’d love to hear your feedback about our new renovations…..or about the library in general!  Leave a comment or suggestion in any of the comment boxes next to printers on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd FL of the library, or fill out a comment form at http://library.salve.edu/feedback.html

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