Terrifying Tomes and Frightening Films


Display by Jordan Hogue, Class of ’22

Want Scary Movies? We’ve got ’em.

Vampires? Check.

Aliens? Yep.

Zombies? Duh, of course!

We have 241 Horror films, 249 Science Fiction films, 258 Fantasy films and 99 Horror TV series on DVD.


And that doesn’t even include the terrifying tomes that will make you hide under the covers, fiction thrillers like If It Bleeds (Stephen King), or horror fiction like The Seer of Shadows (Avi).

Our entire popular DVD collection can be found on the first floor. They are sorted alphabetically by title so it’s easy to find just the movie you’re looking for — or browse the entire collection!

Below is just a small sample of the frightening films we currently have available in the library (get them soon before they disappear. . .) #mckillopdisplays



Need a DVD player? Our library PCs play DVDs and we have two external USB DVD players for check-out. User Support Services (Ground Level) also allows students to borrow portable DVD players.

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