Library Open Late – April 29 – May 11

Writing term papers? Studying for finals? No problem — the library is open!

During the 24-hour extended access times, please be aware:
–The second and third floors will close at 2 AM
Only the first floor will remain open through 8 AM
Card swipe access only during extended hours; please bring your Salve ID to enter after 10 PM!

Need quiet study spaces? We’ve got those too!

The 3rd floor is the silent study floor. Please be considerate!
Computer Lab 006 (Garden Level) is designated as an extra quiet study area during finals.
–Please do group work on the first or second floor.

Find more information on our study rooms, printing, and study tips at our extended hours web page!

Reminder: PLEASE SAVE YOUR WORK when using library computers! A good habit to get into is to save your document or project as soon as you open the program, before you even start typing. If you open Word, for example, and type your whole paper without saving it even once, and the computer reboots for some reason (power outage, or you walk away from the computer and it logs off, which library computers are programmed to do every few hours) you will LOSE YOUR WORK and we will be unable to retrieve it for you. If you save the document there is a good chance we’ll be able to recover it if something happens. But the best practice is to save it to another source aside from the library computer, such as a flash drive or MyData.

LIBRARY STAFF and LIBRARIANS are HERE TO HELP you! Have a question? Please ask! (I’ll share a secret with you — librarians love questions, so you’re really doing us a favor when you ask!).

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