February Displays


Find your next favorite book or movie! Come view our library displays for the month of February:

“DVDs – This Just In” (1st FL)

Stop by and check out the newest additions to the library’s extensive DVD collection.

“IRC February: Black dignity in a world made for whiteness” (1st FL)

Peruse titles in support of the monthly theme for the Inclusive Reading Club.

Displays by Gretchen Sotomayor, Special Programs and Instruction Librarian

“Libros en Español” (1st FL)

We have many new titles in fiction and non-fiction (and more on the way) in Spanish, on display by the McKillop Café.

Display by Nancy Barta-Norton, Acquisitions Librarian, with recommendations from Esther María Alarcón Arana, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in Modern Languages.

Archives Display: “Spatial Relations” (3rd FL)

“Spatial Relations” is a mini exhibit of cartographic materials from Archives and Special Collections. It demonstrates a variety of representations of geographic space on paper and meditates on the role of map-making in empire, environment, and international relations. It also explores maps as covetable objects, highlighting the problems of map prints being removed from antiquarian books. The display is on the third floor of the library, between the stairs and the elevator, and will be available for viewing all semester during library hours.

Display by Genna Duplisea, Archivist and Special Collections Librarian

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