Celebrate International Education Week – Win Prizes!


To celebrate International Education Week, we’re hosting a week-long quiz. This post will be updated every day this week with a new quiz question; you can either send replies to our email at [email protected] or come to the library and fill out a quiz form.

What can you win? Good question and we have a good answer: a $15 gift certificate to some of Newport’s best restaurants. Here’s the full list:

  • Monday: Rosemary and Thyme on Spring Street (breakfast and lunch)
  • Tuesday: Lucia Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria on Thames Street
  • Wednesday: Sushi Go in Brick Market
  • Thursday: Perro Salado on Charles Street
  • Friday: Thai Cuisine on Thames Street

We’ll choose winners based on a random draw of correct entries. Winners will be notified by Salve email.

Thanks to everyone who entered our contest and congrats again to the winners!

Friday 11/9 – Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, what is the largest, most important meal of the day: breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

Answer: Lunch

Congratulations to Stephanie Jacques, ’15, who won a $15 gift certificate to Thai Cuisine!

Thursday 11/8 – Switzerland

Why does Swiss cheese have holes?

Answer: Put simply, during the manufacturing process the particular bacteria that produces the flavor and texture of the cheese also produces carbon dioxide gas as a by-product, and these bubbles of gas produce the holes.

Congratulations to Angela Schneider, ’13, who won a $15 gift certificate to Perro Salado!

Wednesday 11/7 – Japan

What is the name of the green paste that is served as a condiment with sushi?

  • Gari
  • Wasabi
  • Gomasiu
  • Guacamole

Answer: Wasabi

Congratulations to Kelsey Windisch,’13, who won a $15 gift certificate to Sushi Go!

Tuesday 11/6 – Brazil

Brazil is the world’s largest producer of sugar cane, coffee and _____________?

Answer: Beef

Congratulations to Felicia Farrell, ’14, who won a $15 gift certificate to Lucia Ristorante and Pizzeria!


Monday 11/5 – France

Buerre Noisette is what type of butter?

a) A truffle butter
b) Butter browned to a light hazelnut color
c) Butter with garlic
d) Salted butter

Answer: Butter browned to a light hazelnut color

Congratulations to Ashley Stone, ’15, who won a $15 gift certificate to Rosemary and Thyme on Spring St.!

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