Big Changes in the Library!


In the fall, the library will hardly be recognizable! Well, OK, not that different, but there will be some major and (we think, pretty awesome) changes.

The entire main book collection will now reside on the 3rd FL only. The first half of the collection (books with call numbers beginning with A-G) was located on half of the 2nd FL; it will now be moved to the 3rd FL. Compact shelving will be installed on part of the 3rd Fl to accommodate the book load. This means that each book in the main collection (150,000 books) must be moved TWICE before the job is complete. Whew!

Please note that until further notice the 3rd FL is temporarily closed. If you need a main collection book please ask library staff to assist you. Also the two study rooms 306 and 317 and the quiet floor (3rd) are unavailable until the 3rd FL reopens.

With the books removed from half of the 2nd FL, the library will gain more floor space for additional study areas. A quieter study zone will be created in the rear of the 2nd FL west side to create more individual study areas for those who need some quiet but not total silence.

The library will also acquire more comfortable furniture for those long study sessions!

A 55” flat-screen digital sign on a stand will be installed on one side of the 1st FL; an additional display will also be installed on the opposite side of the 1st FL during the fall semester.

The technology in room 204 will move into study room 217, which includes a 60” flat-screen with Cable TV access and connections for various mobile devices and laptops.

There will be a “Makerspace” set up (tentatively on the 2nd FL) which will include various craft supplies as well as a button maker, laminator and (as per student request) a CriCut machine. Let your creative side run loose and create something great! This space can be used to create posters, etc. for classes or just something fun for yourself. There will also be a Makerspace Twitter contest with prizes! Stay tuned for more information on when this space will be available.

The Whitaker collection has been consolidated and moved from storage into the Archives. The Archives, located in the Garden Level of the Library, is receiving new shelving to house the Whitaker and Noreen Stoner Drexel collections.
(We’re still trying to find our Archivist, Genna Duplisea, amongst all of the boxes; we hope she’ll turn up before September! –see photos below).

The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE)  — which includes tutoring services and the Writing Center  — will move to the 2nd FL of the library. It will be housed on the East wing in a glassed-in office space. Room 204 will now be part of ACE.

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), which assists faculty with Canvas and other educational technologies, will move to the Garden Level in 007 and share its space with User Support Services (USS) and the Library.

Here are some photos of the construction in progress:

The Archives…



Oh, Genna, where are you?!

2nd FL…


Librarians Olga Verbeek and Gerald “Joe” Foley lend a hand!





3rd FL…



Enjoy the rest of the summer!
Photos taken by library staff

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