Featured Database: Credo Reference


Looking for an overview of a specific topic? How about a definition, quick fact or quotation? Our Credo Reference database has just what you need!

Start your research with Credo Reference. Use the concept map to refine your topic, then search your topic to find background information and sources for further research.

Credo contains over 3 million entries from over 500 reference books, including encyclopedias, dictionaries and thesauri. Even find biographies, quotations, bilingual dictionaries and measurement conversions.

Useful topic pages including articles, definitions, related topiocs and images have been created for many subjects including Religion, Psychology, History and the Sciences.

Ready to start? Go to the library’s database A-Z page and find “Credo Reference” in the list or Ask-A-Librarian to get started.

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Responses to YOUR comments! #2

There are 6 comment boxes around the library and every week or two we go around and collect the comments. In the past, we’ve read them all and fulfilled those requests that we could but we never explained why we did or didn’t grant a request. So this year we want to openly reply to as many comments as we can; that way, you know we’re listening!

So, keep the comments coming! In the meantime, here are more comments and replies from this semester:

Past comments and replies:
Response to YOUR Comments #1

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Celebrate International Education Week – Win Prizes!


To celebrate International Education Week, we’re hosting a week-long quiz. This post will be updated every day this week with a new quiz question; you can either send replies to our email at [email protected] or come to the library and fill out a quiz form.

What can you win? Good question and we have a good answer: a $15 gift certificate to some of Newport’s best restaurants. Here’s the full list:

  • Monday: Rosemary and Thyme on Spring Street (breakfast and lunch)
  • Tuesday: Lucia Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria on Thames Street
  • Wednesday: Sushi Go in Brick Market
  • Thursday: Perro Salado on Charles Street
  • Friday: Thai Cuisine on Thames Street

We’ll choose winners based on a random draw of correct entries. Winners will be notified by Salve email.

Thanks to everyone who entered our contest and congrats again to the winners!

Friday 11/9 – Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, what is the largest, most important meal of the day: breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

Answer: Lunch

Congratulations to Stephanie Jacques, ’15, who won a $15 gift certificate to Thai Cuisine!

Thursday 11/8 – Switzerland

Why does Swiss cheese have holes?

Answer: Put simply, during the manufacturing process the particular bacteria that produces the flavor and texture of the cheese also produces carbon dioxide gas as a by-product, and these bubbles of gas produce the holes.

Congratulations to Angela Schneider, ’13, who won a $15 gift certificate to Perro Salado!

Wednesday 11/7 – Japan

What is the name of the green paste that is served as a condiment with sushi?

  • Gari
  • Wasabi
  • Gomasiu
  • Guacamole

Answer: Wasabi

Congratulations to Kelsey Windisch,’13, who won a $15 gift certificate to Sushi Go!

Tuesday 11/6 – Brazil

Brazil is the world’s largest producer of sugar cane, coffee and _____________?

Answer: Beef

Congratulations to Felicia Farrell, ’14, who won a $15 gift certificate to Lucia Ristorante and Pizzeria!


Monday 11/5 – France

Buerre Noisette is what type of butter?

a) A truffle butter
b) Butter browned to a light hazelnut color
c) Butter with garlic
d) Salted butter

Answer: Butter browned to a light hazelnut color

Congratulations to Ashley Stone, ’15, who won a $15 gift certificate to Rosemary and Thyme on Spring St.!

Did You Know…..We Have Thousands of eBooks?


The library literally has thousands of electronic books (eBooks) that you can access from any computer! eBooks are also searchable from the library catalog and are included in catalog search results.

Read books, search the full-text of books, annotate, bookmark, highlight* and even download some eBooks to your mobile device.**

To view all of our collections and to search for eBooks, go to our eBooks page.

Here are just some of our collections:

Ebscohost ebooks

EBSCOhost eBooks offers over 80,000 full-text online books covering all subject areas and includes books from the public domain. Ebscohost has two separate eBook Collections. Both collections also provide the capability to download eBooks.

Ebrary ebookseBrary is a collection of over 55,000 academic eBooks that cover all disciplines. The database is easy to search or can be browsed by subject. There is ability to manage your own bookshelf by creating a free account. This collection also provides the capability to download ebooks as well as an app for iPhone and Android devices.

Credo ebooksCredo Reference contains all types of reference books: dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesauri, and books of quotations. Covers everything from the arts to accountancy and law to literature. Need an overview of a topic? Credo Reference is a great place to start your research.

Salve dissertationsSalve Regina Dissertations from the Ph. D. Humanities program are available online. [cilck here for off-campus access]

*Dependant upon individual database features
**EBSCOhost and eBrary eBooks only