JIFT: The Journal of Interdisciplinary Feminist Thought (vol.6)


Did you know that Salve Regina publishes an online journal? The Journal of Interdisciplinary Feminist Thought published its first article in 2005, and has published every year since then. The journal’s editorial board consists of a group of Salve faculty who rotate the role of issue editor.

The theme of the most recent issue (JIFT: Women, Social Policy, and the Law) includes articles on the Affordable Care Act, mass incarceration, and women in clinical medical research. The issue also includes recent book reviews, including reviews by Dan Cowdin and Margaret Svogun.

The journal is published in the library’s digital commons, a hosted digital repository service licensed by Berkeley Electronic Press.

-Post written by Kathleen Boyd, Director of Library Services

New Book Display: Election 2012

As we quickly approach November the debates steam up, Facebook is inundated with political conversations and radio ads center on the candidates. If all this election talk has you feeling inspired, come take a look at our “Election 2012” book display  featuring books on elections, voting and general politics.

Check out some of these websites for helpul information on candidates and issues:

From the League of Women Voters. Impartial election and voting information.

Build your ballot with the online voters’ guide! Type in your address to see the races on your ballot. Candidates’ positions can be compared side-by-side, and you may print out a “ballot” indicating your preferences as a reminder and take it with you to the polls on Election Day. Check out resources for military and overseas voters.

Enter your zip code to see biographies, voting records, issue positions, ratings, speeches, campaign finance information of politicians.

RI State Board of Elections.



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