Get the McKillop LibX Toolbar (Firefox)

The McKillop LibX Toolbar is a browser add-on for Firefox (Windows & Mac) that keeps McKillop Library’s resources close-by no matter where you are on the Web.

With LibX installed, you can use features such as:
*– the toolbar search box
*– right-click menus
*– the “cue” icon to find library materials from Web pages like Amazon, Yahoo, Wikipedia and more!

Oh, and it’s free.

Ready to download?

1. First, make sure you have Firefox installed and running
2. Then, go to this page and download the add-on

Want to see what LibX can do before you try? Check-out this video:

Join us on PINTEREST

Join the library on Pinterest, the latest social media site. What is Pinterest? Basically, it’s an online pin-board. Create boards about pretty much anything and then (yep, you guessed it) pin stuff to the boards. What stuff? Anything you find around the Web (or even stuff that’s on your computer)! Pinterest is interactive so you can follow people, they can follow you, and you can even re-pin stuff that someone else has pinned (and others can re-pin your stuff…..see how that works?).

There’s a handy bookmarklet that lives on your bookmark bar in your browser. Then, when you see something on the Web you want to pin, just click the bookmarklet and Pinterest will automatically recognize pin-worthy items on the Web page you’re viewing. With just a few clicks the item is pinned to your board. There’s even a free mobile app!

We’ve started a few boards of recommended books and videos; we even have a board of library related “stuff” (some of it is pretty funny). We also have a blank board called “Student Picks” that we want you (yes, YOU) to fill with anything you’d like — fill it with books you’ve read (duh, it’s a library), movies you’ve seen (or want to see), things on the Web you want or like….anything goes, it’s your board!

So, want to help us out and contribute to our Pinterest board? Send an email with your Pinterest username to [email protected] You’ll be added as a contributor and notified when you’re all set up, then start pinning away! Have suggestions for boards for the library? Send them to [email protected] And if you want to be a contributor to the new board, tell us that, too!

So, what are you waiting for? Start pinning!