Study Spaces in the Library (Practice Presentations, too!)

The end of the semester is upon us and we know you’ll need group study spaces and places to practice your presentations!

The library has 4 group study rooms: 204, 217 (2nd FL), 306 and 317 / Tech Suite (3rd FL).

Book a study room online (and see the status of study rooms)

* Room 204: Whiteboard, desktop PC computer with scanner, television with DVD/VCR.
* Room 217: Whiteboard, moveable tables and chairs.
* Room 306: Whiteboard, desktop PC computer, television with DVD/VCR.
* Room 317 (Tech Suite): Large flat-screen television/monitor with PC connectivity, Cable television, DVD/VHS player, and desktop PC computer.

Each of the study rooms can accomodate at least 8 people comfortably, and up to 12 with additional chairs.

If a study room is not reserved then they are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, but we will give priority to groups of three or more students.

The Tech Suite (study room 317) is the perfect place to practice presentations with its large flat-screen monitor (including wires to attach your laptop!). But if study room 317 isn’t available, don’t worry! We now have a portable projector for borrowing that can be used anywhere in the library, just ask at the front Circulation desk!
You can also reserve the Electronic Classroom 106, which offers:
* Teacher station with projector
* A dedicated laptop with SmartBoard software
* Wall-to-wall speakers
* SmartBoard Electronic Board
* DVD/VHS player
* 14 hideaway laptop computers in central conference style table
* 12 desktop computers

To reserve Classroom 106, you should be in a group of 8 or more and you must visit the information desk on the 1st FL of the library or call at (401) 341-2289 to book your reservation.

Need to collaborate in a small group? Visit our Learning Commons area on the left side of the first floor which boasts six study carrels, each including 4 paneled areas with a desktop computer that 3 people can fit around comfortably.

Don’t forget that library staff are here to help, so just ask!

Citation Made Easy

You’re writing your paper (which you just know will get an A!) but you have some questions regarding citations and plagiarism:

What information do I include in the parentheses at the end of quoted sentences?
How do I format a quoted paragraph of more than a few sentences?
How do I create a Works Cited/References/Bibliography page in ALA/MLA/Chicago/Turabian format?
 If I change the words, do I still have to cite the source? (short answer: YES)

Don’t worry! The library can help!

We’ve created a page with help, information, and resources (even videos!) along with a Student’s Guide to Avoiding Plaigiarism web page.

But that’s not all!

We even have links to print and online style guides on our Citing Sources web page.

Want even more?

How about online tools to help create your citations!

We subscribe to and which means you have full access* to these two services. Just enter your source information (book, article, website, etc) and EasyBib or RefWorks will produce your citations in any format.

Have an iPhone or iPod Touch? For just .99¢ you can purchase Quick Cite. Download the app, snap a picture of a book´s ISBN barcode on the back cover and send the citation for the book to your email! Choose from APA, MLA, Chicago, or IEEE styles.

We’re always here to help, so don’t hesitate to

*(Note: be sure to click on the images to register through our database page; going directly to or will not give you full access).