Celebrate International Education Week Nov.11-15 – Win Prizes!



To celebrate International Education Week, we’re hosting a week-long trivia challenge based upon “Art Around the World.” This blog post will be updated each day with a new trivia question; you can either send replies to our email at salvelibrarian@salve.edu or come to the library and fill out a form.

What can you win? Good question and we have a good answer: a $15 gift certificate to some of Newport’s best restaurants. Here’s the full list:

  • Monday: Raw Power Juice Bar on Bellevue Ave.
  • Tuesday: Rosemary and Thyme on Spring Street
  • Wednesday: Empire Coffee and Tea on Broadway
  • Thursday: Salvation Café on Broadway
  • Friday: Perro Salado on Charles Street

The contest has now ended. Thanks to all who participated and congrats to all the winners!

International Education Week Trivia Challenge: Art Around the World!
Friday, Nov. 15


What famous Mexican painter was this artist married to?

A) Carlos Orozco Romero
B) Alfredo Ramos Martínez
C) Diego Rivera— correct answer!
D) Roberto Montenegro

Congrats to Lauren Lisitano who won a $15 gift certificate to “Perro Salado” on Charles St. for submitting the correct answer!

Thursday, Nov. 14


In which country did Vincent Van Gogh paint this painting (above) titled “The Potato Eaters?”

A) France
B) Ireland
C) Netherlands— correct answer!
D) Belgium

Congrats to Samuel Sacco who won a $15 gift certificate to “Salvation Café” on Broadway for submitting the correct answer!

Wednesday, Nov. 13


Which Columbian artist was about to be a bullfighter, since one of his uncles insisted, but was injured during a bullfight and abandoned the career? Bullfighting was the source of inspiration for several of his works, including his first of watercolors of a bullfighter, which he sold at bullfights.

A) Fernando Botero— correct answer!
B) Antonio Caro
C) Pablo Picasso
D) Santiago Martínez Delgado

Congrats to Hailey Graustein who won a $15 gift certificate to “Empire Coffee and Tea” on Broadway for submitting the correct answer!

Tuesday, Nov. 12


Which French artist painted this picture (above) of his wife in Japanese costume?

A) Honoré Daumier
B) Claude Monet – correct answer!
C) Paul Cézanne
D) Henri Matisse

Congrats to Emmett Ravis who won a $15 gift certificate to “Rosemary and Thyme” on Spring Street for submitting the correct answer!

Monday, Nov. 11

mondayWhich Italian Renaissance artist was a vegetarian and animal rights activist; he would buy caged birds and set them free?

A) Giorgio Vasari
B) Sandro Botticelli
C) Leonardo da Vinci – correct answer!
D) Donatello

Congrats to Cheyenne Boyd who won a  $15 gift certificate to “Raw Power Juice Bar” on Bellevue Ave. for submitting the correct answer!

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