Extended Hours Dec. 2-16


late hours

The time for final projects, presentations and exams is here. Don’t stress though…the library has you covered!

We have study rooms, floors for group and quiet study, a stress free zone, technology for check-out and extended hours We’re even giving away FREE COFFEE after 9 PM on Dec. 9 & 10!

Detailed calendar of extended hours and more information below. Also see our extended hours web page for printing help, study room info, study tips and more. Oh, and don’t forget your Salve ID to enter the library after 10 PM!

extended hours

During the 24-hour extended access times, please be aware:

  • The second and third floors will close at 2 AM
  • Only the first floor will remain open through 8 AM
  • Card swipe access only during extended hours; please bring your Salve ID to enter after 10 PM
  • The 3rd floor is the SILENT study floor. Please be considerate!
  • Room 106 is reserved for quiet study from 2 am – 8 am
  • Group work is encouraged on the first and second floors or in the study rooms


Study rooms can be reserved online for a maximum of 3 consecutive hours. Most study rooms have a whiteboard, desktop PC and/or Mac, and seating for small groups; see this page for “what’s in a study room”? Please show courtesy to your fellow students and be sure to cancel an existing study room reservation if the room is no longer needed so that other students can use the room (to cancel a booking, click on “cancel a study room booking” at the bottom of the reservation area. If you need help, please contact the information desk).

blog5 When working on library computers, don’t forget to periodically SAVE YOUR WORK to an external source such as a flash drive! Computers are auto-set to restart periodically; upon restart, all saved information is lost. So be sure to use File>Save As and do not save your work to library computer desktops for long periods of time.


We have a number of gadgets and items for purchase or check-out! Just go to the front Circulation desk (1st FL) and bring your Salve ID. For $1 you can purchase a library tote bag, highlighter or sanitary package of earbuds. Here’s the list of items we currently have available:

Remember that you can call, email, text, chat or visit us anytime! Need help keeping the 3rd FL quiet? Having a problem with a printer on an upper floor? Just call, chat or text us—- we’ll come to you! You can even schedule a one-on-one consultation session with a librarian to discuss your research project.


Our library webpage also has helpful tutorials on how to find books in the catalog, how to print, how to find articles in a database, and more!

Need to de-stress? Aside from visiting the Stress Free Zone located in the Bookends Cafe (across from the 1st FL front desk), post library selfies or photos of your friends on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Happy studying!

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Responses to YOUR comments! #4


There are 6 comment boxes around the library and every week or two we go around and collect the comments. In the past, we’ve read them all and fulfilled those requests that we could but we never explained why we did or didn’t grant a request. So this year we want to openly reply to as many comments as we can; that way, you know we’re listening!

So, keep the comments coming! In the meantime, here are more comments and replies from this semester:









See more comments and replies at:
Replies to YOUR comments! #1
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International Education Week — Displays & Contests!



Capture It! Contest: Judge your favorite entries on Facebook and at McKillop Library!
Every year, the Office of International Programs displays the photos, essays, and artwork produced by the students who studied abroad during the previous year as part of the Capture-It Contest. This year’s works were submitted by students who studied abroad in fall 2013, winter 2014, and summer 2014. Students can cast votes for their favorite submission in each of three categories: “photo,” “essay,” and “other.” You can view all of the Capture-It submissions at McKillop library and cast your votes there. It’s also possible to view the “photo” submissions on Facebook and vote by “liking” your favorite photos. Click here to view the photos on Facebook.

International Education Week Trivia Contest
To celebrate International Education Week, McKillop Library is sponsoring an international trivia contest. Check the library’s 1st floor display or our Facebook or Twitter feeds to enter to win a gift certificate to a different Newport restaurant each day from Nov. 17-21.

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“Don’t Judge a Book by It’s Color” Display


Come see the colorful “Don’t Judge a Book by Its Color” book display. Each row of the display contains books that share the same color for their cover. The subjects, however, vary greatly – everything from politics to prostitution, technology to feminism, browsing books and main collection finds. Feel free to checkout any of the books if they interest you!


Display by Vanessa Dyer, Collection Services Specialist.

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