Welcome to the Library!


Greetings everyone! Welcome to our new Class of 2019 and Welcome Back to all those who are returning for another year at Salve.

Make sure you find time to stop in the library and say hi to friendly librarians and staff. Our Floor Plans and Maps page gives a layout of each floor along with floor maps. We also have a mobile site — take the library wherever you go!

You can also find an overview of how to find items in the library in our handy “Research from Start to Finish” online guide!


What’s New in the Library

New study room 304
In addition to the three existing study rooms on the 2nd and 3rd FLs, we have added a fourth study room on the 3rd FL (silent study floor). The room has a table with moveable chairs, 2 desktop PCs and a whiteboard. Reserve any study room online!
For a full list of what’s in each study room, see our study room page.


There is also a new portable Tech Station on the 2nd FL. Feel free to wheel it around wherever you need it! Connect your laptop to view on the large screen so that groups can easily work together on the same project. Most mobile devices can be connected with special dongles, just ask at the front Circulation desk.


Dawn Emsellem

Dawn Emsellem

Dawn Emsellem was recently promoted to Assistant Director of Research and Instruction. In this position, Dawn will work with library staff and departments across campus to help improve students’ information literacy outcomes. She will also work with library staff to continue to develop the library’s research services. Dawn is also the Class of 2018’s Personal Librarian. Dawn has a BA in political science from Barnard College and a MLIS from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Changes in HELIN Consortium
Brown University, the University of Rhode Island and Bryant College are no longer a part of the HELIN Consortium, which changes the on-site and online borrowing agreement with those institutions. Materials from Brown, URI and Bryant are no longer accessible through our catalog . Online borrowing requests from these schools will be through Interlibrary loan only.

Visiting Brown:
Current faculty, staff and students of HELIN libraries may apply for access to the Brown libraries. Interested persons should go first to the Rockefeller library to obtain an access card, good for one year. There is no charge for this. Please bring your Salve ID card.

Brown borrowing privileges:
Current faculty at HELIN institutions may obtain onsite borrowing privileges without charge. Interested persons should first obtain an access card. Borrowing services for HELIN faculty will be good for one year but may be renewed.
Current students and staff of HELIN institutions may purchase a borrowing card for onsite borrowing privileges. The cost is currently $400 for one year.

Visiting Bryant and URI:
Visiting and borrowing at URI and Bryant for faculty, staff and students will be available for those that can present a valid ID card from their institution. Borrowers will need to register with the circulation desk.


Need an extra credit? Register for GST083.
This course focuses on the development of information literacy skills to enable college-level research and the pursuit of lifelong learning. Students will learn to define a research topic of their choosing (the topic may be related to another course they are taking, their major, or just an interest). The students will learn to locate information effectively and efficiently, evaluate the information and its sources critically, and cite sources correctly to avoid plagiarism. After each class session, students will apply the lessons taught in the class in their homework, culminating in the final presentation of their personal research process.
Fall 2015
Mondays: 6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Section 1: Sep. 14 to Oct. 19, 2015
Section 2: Oct. 26 to Nov. 23, 2015

“Library Lessons” is a series of workshops led by librarians to assist you with various aspects of research. See poster below for the full schedule. Registration is required. Register online at http://library.salve.edu/librarylessons/register.html


Visit our Makerspace!
Need to make a collage? Or perhaps a fun button? Or just need a fun distraction from all that studying (whew!)? Come to the Makerspace (Library 2nd FL)! We offer free supplies like pipe cleaners, colored paper, crayons and more, as well as a button maker, CriCut machine and laminator (bring your own laminating sheets please). Have fun!

Gadgets for Checkout

The library offers a number of gadgets and items for borrowing! Just go to the front Circulation desk (1st FL) and bring your Salve ID. We have small desk fans, headphones, Mac/Android chargers, and even iPads! To see the full list, go to our “Items to Borrow or Purchase” page.

See the Computers & Technology page for the full list of technology available in the library, including software on public computers (PCs and Macs). The Media Services department in User Support Services also loans equipment such as video cameras, microphone headsets and more. Click for a full list (Ground Level of the library).

Fun Collections
Did you know we have a whole browsing area of popular books? It’s a great way to discover books for fun beach reading. Also check out our vast collection of films on DVD! Both areas are located on the 1st FL, East Wing (to the left side as you enter the front door).


Check out our Pinterest page for additional book and movie recommendations!

Always remember to bring your Salve ID card to be able to…

  • Borrow books and other items
  • Check-out course reserves
  • Make photocopies
  • Print from computers
  • Request books from other libraries
  • Access online library resources from off-campus

Your library barcode is the 14 digit number on the bottom of your Salve ID card. Please note that your library barcode is not the same as your student ID number.

Stay Connected with Your Library!
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/srulibrary
Twitter https://twitter.com/mckilloplibrary

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McKillop Library Summer 2015


The library is open all summer on an abbreviated schedule. Please check the library hours web page for current library hours.

Fun Collections

Did you know we have a whole browsing area of popular books? It’s a great way to discover books for fun beach reading. Also check out our vast collection of films on DVD! Both areas are located on the 1st FL, East Wing (to the left side as you enter the front door). Come in, cool off and relax!


Related resources:
NPR’s Book Concierge: Guide to 2014’s Great Reads
Popular Summer Reading from Goodreads
New York Times Best-Sellers List

Check out our Pinterest page for additional book and movie recommendations!

Thornton Wilder Displays
In celebration of the Thornton Wilder Society meeting at Salve Regina for its 2015 conference, the library has mounted a number of displays on Thornton Wilder and his novel Theophilus North, set in Newport in 1926. The foyer of the library features several examples from the Newport Postcard Collection, a digital collection of early-twentieth-century postcards available through Digital Commons @ Salve Regina: http://digitalcommons.salve.edu/postcards/.

This glimpse into life in Newport almost a hundred years ago continues with Theophilus North’s Newport, a display in the southeast wing of the library which showcases items from this period in the Special Collections. Featured in this display is a first edition of Theophilus North signed by Thornton Wilder himself. Also on display in this area are books about Newport Collection, which also have circulating copies you can use in the library’s main collection.

When people think of “special collections” they often think of rare books, so also outside the Special Collections room is Firsts & Rare: Thornton Wilder Editions from Salve Regina Special Collections. In this display are several new acquisitions of signed or rare editions of Thornton Wilder’s works, as well as an acting edition of The Skin of our Teeth published in 1944 from the Stephen R. Pastore Collection.



These displays will be on view all summer! You can find more information on these displays on the Archives & Special Collections Twitter and Facebook or by contacting the archives by e-mail.

Curriculum Library

Have kids? Go up to the 2nd FL for our Children/Young Adult area where you’ll find fun reads for children of all ages, such as:

The forbidden stone/ Tony Abbott; illustrations by Bill Perkins

Duck, Duck, Moose!/ Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen; pictures by Noah Z. Jones

Cecil the pet glacier / Matthea Harvey; illustrated by Giselle Potter

Charlie and the chocolate factory / by Roald Dahl; illustrated by Joseph Schindelman

A curse dark as gold / Elizabeth C. Bunce

Conference Attendees

If you’re on-campus for one of the many conferences that Salve hosts, you are welcome to come to the library to use our computers and print your documents and boarding passes!

The computers (PCs & Macs) in the 1st FL East Wing (to the left as you enter the front doors) are reserved for use by conference attendees only. No login is necessary to use these computers. For Salve community members (faculty, staff and students) and other Guests, please use the computers on the opposite side of the 1st FL (Guests should ask at the front desk to be logged into a computer).


You also have full on-campus access to all of our 150+ research databases which include articles, streaming educational videos and audio clips on a variety of topics. Go to our library website at http://library.salve.edu to get started.

If at any time you need assistance, please ask a library staff member for help. Enjoy your stay at Salve Regina University!

Community Borrowers Program

Not a member of Salve but still would like to borrow materials from the library? Then consider becoming a member of our Community Borrowers Program. Members of the community not affiliated with Salve Regina University as faculty, student, staff, or alumni, nor are active faculty, student, or staff at any HELIN institution, are welcome to join the McKillop Library Community Borrowers Program for a fee of $100.00 per year. Patrons must present a valid photo ID in order to obtain a community borrower’s card. Community borrowers may borrow circulating books, audiobooks, and DVDs located in the McKillop Library collection only**.


**Please note: special borrowers do not have HELIN borrowing privileges or access to databases from off-campus

Mobile Site

librarymobileAway from campus? No computer? No problem! Just access our mobile site at http://library.salve.edu/m

What can you do on our mobile site? How about…

…check your library account
…view library hours
…search the catalog for books
…search for articles
…contact the library
…and more!

So put your library in your pocket and take us wherever you go!

Have a great summer and we look forward to seeing you this Fall!

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The Library is Open Late! Extended Hours April 26-May9


Night Owl? The Library is Open Late April 26-May 9

The time for final projects, presentations and exams is here. Don’t stress though…the library has you covered!

We have study rooms, places to practice your presentations, floors for group and quiet study, a stress free zone with games and candy, technology for check-out and extended hours! We’re even giving away FREE COFFEE after 9 PM on May 4 & 5!

Detailed calendar of extended hours and more information below. Also see our extended hours web page for printing help, study room info, study tips and more. Oh, and don’t forget your Salve ID to enter the library after 10 PM!


During the 24-hour extended access times, please be aware:

  • The second and third floors will close at 2 AM
  • Only the first floor will remain open through 8 AM
  • Card swipe access only during extended hours; please bring your Salve ID to enter after 10 PM
  • The 3rd floor is the SILENT study floor. Please be considerate!
  • Room 106 is reserved for quiet study from 2 am – 8 am
  • Group work is encouraged on the first and second floors or in the study rooms


Study rooms can be reserved online for a maximum of 3 consecutive hours. Most study rooms have a whiteboard, desktop PC and/or Mac, and seating for small groups; see this page for “what’s in a study room”? Please show courtesy to your fellow students and be sure to cancel an existing study room reservation if the room is no longer needed so that other students can use the room (to cancel a booking, click on “cancel a study room booking” at the bottom of the reservation area. If you need help, please contact the information desk).

Electronic classroom 106 has a teacher station with projector and seating with computers for up to 22 students. Classroom 106 can be reserved for large groups (8+); please visit or call the information desk at (401) 341-2289.

blog5 When working on library computers, don’t forget to periodically SAVE YOUR WORK to an external source such as a flash drive. Computers are auto-set to restart periodically; upon restart, all saved information is lost. So be sure to use File>Save As and do not save your work to library computer desktops for long periods of time.


We have a number of gadgets and items for purchase or check-out! Just go to the front Circulation desk (1st FL) and bring your Salve ID. For $1 you can purchase a library tote bag, pen or sanitary package of earbuds. Here’s the list of items we currently have available:

items for checkoutRemember that you can call, email, text, chat or visit us anytime! Need help keeping the 3rd FL quiet? Having a problem with a printer on an upper floor? Just call, chat or text us—- we’ll come to you! You can even schedule a one-on-one consultation session with a librarian to discuss your research project.


Our library webpage also has helpful tutorials on how to find books in the catalog, how to print,how to find articles in a database, and more!

Need to de-stress? Aside from visiting the Stress Free Zone located in the Bookends Cafe (across from the 1st FL front desk) during finals week, post funny selfies or photos of your friends in the library on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Happy studying!

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